Why Does Everything Have to Do With Race?

There are interesting, usually unasked, questions that are unintentionally answered in the course of discussion. I’m always fascinated by the views others provide you when they engage people. Those views always prove useful in future interactions/discussions. 


To paraphrase George Orwell, white people have prejudices about people of color because American culture has normalized whiteness, but the fact that people of color act “differently” further entrenches the “obvious correctness” of a white cultural norm.

Why is it normal to eat with a fork instead of chopsticks?

Why is it normal for a man to wear a suit to a business meeting instead of a loose, colorfully printed robe?

Why is it normal to sit in a chair instead of on the floor?

Why is a woman in a long gown and a bonnet accepted — archaic, perhaps, but accepted? Why is a nun wearing a black gown and habit accepted? Why is a woman in a burka and hijab somehow threatening?

Why do we teach the way we do? Write our laws the way we do? In short, why is our society the way it is?



“When a white person says ‘It’s not about race,’ they are pretty much always saying it when a Black person, or a Latino person, or a Muslim person is not acting the way a white European would act or wants them to act.”

(John Metta)


21 States File Lawsuit Challenging President Obama’s Overtime Pay Rule — TIME

Officials from 21 U.S. states on Tuesday filed a lawsuit claiming an Obama administration rule to extend mandatory overtime pay to more than 4 million workers will place a heavy burden on state budgets. Hours after the states announced their lawsuit, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other business groups filed a separate challenge to…

via 21 States File Lawsuit Challenging President Obama’s Overtime Pay Rule — TIME

Why Hasn’t Disney Gone Bankrupt?

Remember that time I got really angry about the portrayal of the Polynesian god Maui in the sure to be shit film ‘Moana’?


Well, it looks like Disney is doubling down on the bullshit. They made a Maui costume, complete with a stereotypical grass skirt and blackface, for children to wear this Halloween. Retails for $49. You can be racist for free.  


If you feel the need to buy this for anyone, please hand your children over to CPS and sterilize yourself. 


Alabama and Fascism In America’s Economic Recession

So there was a football game in South Alabama last night. The announcer, Pastor Allen Joyner, of Sweet Home Baptist Church in McKenzie, at the high school game said, “If you don’t want to stand for the national anthem, you can line up over there by the fence and let our military personnel take a few shots at you, since they’re taking shots for you”. The crowd, predictably roared with applause in response. Since the response was so positive, the pastor went home and doubled down by posting the same statement on his Facebook page.




Crowley-Whitfield’s post was shared more than 4,700 times and received more than 50 comments, all positive, before she deleted her Facebook account on Saturday afternoon. 


Mark Bender, a 22-year-old Air Force veteran from Texas, spoke out against Joyner in a post on the Sweet Home Alabama Baptist Church’s Facebook page, calling the pastor’s words “abhorrent and disgusting.”


He said he is “deeply offended and saddened” by Joyner’s “hateful rhetoric.


“We fight so that all Americans retain their rights and freedoms to protest,” Bender wrote. “I would never turn a weapon on my own countryman simply because they protest by remaining seated during the national anthem, by refusing to recite the pledge of allegiance, refusing to stand or pledge during any act. These things we do, these pledges, these songs, these are not compulsory acts. They are acts that we are all free to join or not.


“I am proud that we have that freedom whether or not I agree with someone’s non-violent protest,” he continued. “You, on the other hand are promoting extremist violence by way of state sanctioned executions. You are obviously standing for the compulsory actions by way of preaching hatred, jingoism, American exceptionalism — all because people do not believe or think as you do. I am grateful that the majority of Americans do not thirst for their brother’s blood as you do. You are a disgrace, those who agree with you are a disgrace, and you are a black mark upon this great nation. You should certainly hang your heads in shame.”


Let’s wait for the backlash that’ll never arrive, shall we? We can spend our time keeping count of how many brown and black men and women are threatened for exercising their rights. 

“Support The Athletes,” You Say?


On Saturday, Hungarian swimmer Katinka Hosszú shattered a world record in the 400-meter individual medley and the NBC commentators couldn’t get enough — of her husband.

Her race was split-screened with Shane Tusup’s reaction. The analysts pointed him out as “the man responsible” for her athletic turnaround. Tusup is her husband and her coach, the male analysts explained, although they somehow failed to mention that some swimmers have observed him being verbally abusive toward her.

Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu celebrates a world record and gold medal in the women’s 400-meter individual medley. (Lee Jin-Man/AP)

It’s fine for an athlete to credit her coach for the progress she’s made in the pool in her post-victory interview. It’s another thing entirely for some pool-side observer to blithely attribute her hard-won success to her husband. She’s the one who swam the race, not him.

“Wife of a Bears’ lineman wins a bronze medal today in Rio Olympics,” the newspaper tweeted Sunday.

Not even her name. Or her event. Or the fact that it was Cogdell-Unrein’s second Olympic medal in trap shooting, in her third Olympic Games. The most newsworthy part: She’s married to NFL lineman Mitch Unrein.

The Trib got called out on the sexism, and not just by angry women’s studies majors.

Peters and Justins and Scotts all over Twitter had a field day.

What A Sheltered Life

It’s not bad enough that people are silent in the face of such well documented, indisputable murder. No. You have the nerve to post/share an anecdotal story about one man who got through an encounter with the police last October without being executed. Is that something to be proud of? What? Are you honestly daft enough to think that if every black and brown man acted exactly as this man allegedly (as there is no proof of his experience) did, that more black and brown boys and men would be free and alive today? That his alleged survival means that decades of actual studies proving that brown skin is feared and warrants, in cops’eyes, a bullet instead of civilized action, are invalidated? Because in your haste to go to bat for the police, you never bothered to learn that Philando Castile followed the directions given to him to a tee. That Anthony Nuñez’s mother called the police to help her son, who she feared would harm himself. And still those men were executed as if they were criminals caught in the act. And let’s not forget the child and adult, each shot multiple times, in the span of between two and six seconds of the cops seeing them, for holding weapons in open carry states. But who am I kidding? Facts don’t matter. Not to the likes of those who share trite shit like this, which reeks of respectability politics and a lack of self awareness. Because “acting courteously” means dying for daring to walk outdoors and not filming the cops as they violate the law, least you face more jail time than they ever will.