Insecurity Breeds Toxicity

If you have a healthy, loving relationship with your parents, but you’re adverse to touching them, there’s something very wrong with you (unless, of course, you aren’t one to touch anyone). Hugging and kissing your parent(s), grandparent(s), cousin(s), and sibling(s) that share your sex doesn’t make you a homosexual. It makes you demonstrative in the expression of your emotions. Once again, societal misconceptions are utilized to impresss repressive standards onto the young, which follow them into adulthood and hinder their ability to cultivate strong, loving relationships. Hazzah for toxic masculinity. You people really need to learn not to be so easily influenced. 


Some screenshots of the reactions to the multi-generational photo are below:

1 Photo Sparks Conversation About Black Men Showing Love To One Another


And another comment below:



It’d be great if men could stop projecting their insecurities onto others. You’re pathetic and broken and you need to speak to a professional.


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