You know what’s funny? When immigrants pull an Italian or Irish and commit hate crimes against people of color to gain favor with actual white people.


A 32 year old Brooklyn woman named Emirjeta Xhelili violently assaulted two Muslim women- who remain unnamed in police reports- who were pushing baby strollers.


Prosecutors say that Xhelili punched the two women in the face, kicked them in the legs, and attempted to force off their hijabs, the headscarves worn by religious Muslim women. Prosecutors even note that Xhelili attempted to knock over the strollers, and she did all of this while screaming obscenities.


“Get the f*ck out of here,” she said, “Get the f*ck out of America, b*tches… This is America — you shouldn’t be different from us.”


Assistant District Attorney Kelli Muse noted the seriousness of the crime at the attacker’s Brooklyn Criminal Court arraignment, saying, “She didn’t even care for the well-being of a baby — that’s how serious this hate crime is.”


According to authorities, neither the babies nor the women were seriously injured.


Xhelili is, according to her social media profiles, an avid supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. She has posted strange messages about the Trump campaign has heralding some sort of “mythical” salvation, with one tweet reading, according to the New York Daily News, “America is the ark of Noah. Trump’s gonna win.”

Simple bitches hate themselves and want to be white SO bad. Isn’t Emirjeta in for a rude awakening when Trumps buddies declare her name too Mexican-sounding for their club. Someone needs to clothesline this Albanian twatwaffle. If she were really in for a pound, she’d put her money where her mouth is, move to the Bronx and join her mob. They’d probably shoot her for supporting Trump though… 


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