Who Commits Suicide Like This?

I’m calling bullshit. No brown person would ever commit suicide by hanging themselves from a tree. NO. A fan, yes. A shower curtain rod, yes. Never a tree. Thus is the third time that a black man from the South has “committed suicide” a la Strange Fruit. It’s a LYNCHING.
Just because there’s no sign of a struggle doesn’t mean it was a suicide. I know plenty of ways to immobilize prison without leaving any signs of a struggle – take a science class. Who commits suicide in a public place and doesn’t write a suicide note? This is clearly another warning to brown people. They aren’t event conducting an autopsy. To do so would undermine their hasty and incorrect conclusion.
A word of advice: Stop lying to yourselves and ignoring the facts. OR, if you’d prefer to live in denial, don’t bother attempting to call attention to these methods when they’re applied to people who look like you.


Officers were called to the Charles Allen entrance of the park just before 5 a.m. Thursday and discovered a man’s body hanging from a tree by a rope, police spokesman Donald Hannah said.

Emergency officials arrived on the scene and pronounced the man dead, he said.

“There were no discernible signs of a struggle or foul play,” Hannah said. A “Fulton County medical examiner concurred that the death was consistent with a suicide.”


One comment

  1. James Dillard · July 8, 2016

    I agree, it was a lynching.


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