On the Oftentimes Unmitigated Reach of the Positions You Support

I have never been so naive as to readily believe that any great number of people have and/or will ever read this entire article. We have had many, many conversations elsewhere about both the voices of women of color being viciously silenced, and of the horrendous futility of attempting communication in a world filled with self-absorbed individuals. The irony of my posting the //You Won’t Finish This Article// article on Facebook two years ago today is nauseating and laughable all at once. That doesn’t mean that I excuse said flagrant behavior, though.

It is preferable to remain comfortable stewing in the baseless belief that every decision one makes can be and is isolated from not only that one’s other decisions, but that they have absolutely no bearing on the lives of others. Even more popular is the misconception that contraceptives are readily available and easily accessible in all fifty states. Neither has ever been true, and the latter is less true today and ever before. The unwillingness to acknowledge these discrepancies allows a collective to disregard injustices with the excuse that the victim’s of these crimes “should know better” (as those who spout the quote showcase how little knowledge they hold). Complaints are made null when you are a willing participant in your own repression – it is important to make note of that.


As satisfying as it would be to rant how invaluable it is to be a responsible consumer, the war against women, the actualities of access to safe abortions, about striving to educate ourselves beyond the extremely low bar that has been set by anti-intellectuals, and how reading every single thing that you sign is of the upmost importance, while throwing the thirty-seven citations that I have all over this post (yes, I have thirty-seven references, and more than half are old articles reporting the illegal actions described in this article, and legislation allowing our imprisonment that I have been screaming about for the past seven years), I can’t really find a reason to do so. Not anymore. If over eleven years of facts and figures, of notices of rampant ignorance being made into lesson plans, and headache inducing articles detailing working and middle class women of all ethnicities being subjugated and violated in this manner doesn’t push you to know and do more for someone other than yourself, nothing that I/we ever submit will make a smidgen of a difference to the general public. I refuse be looked upon as an insufferable child, AND still be expected to teach the asinine masses. All I and those who are in my position (privileged enough to be in the know and able to speak out) can do is impress the importance of this extremely dire situation upon our respentatives. As integral as the people may be in selecting knowledgeable and assiduous politicians, there is a clear disconnect (see: overwhelming stupidity) that needs to be bridged in order for us to retain our body autonomy.

Anti-Choice Activists, Using Bogus Legal Threats, Trick Teens Into Signing Away Abortion Rights




That mild heart attack you have when you want to do some research, and a YouTube video populates, but you forgot you’re at work and the “media” volume is at fifty percent.


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They Usually Find a Way Around It

Because when I was on Facebook, my dad was like, “Alex, you need to stop posting so much shit on Facebook. You’re going to get fired”. It’s like when people lodge a serious (sexual harassment, diversity issues, etc.) complaint with Human Resources and three weeks later, they’re let go. No one can say there’s no connection. Come on.


Of course, I’ve never advocated for child pornography. Due respect towards those involved in sex work (because there is nothing shameful about making the choice to be a stripper nor a house bunny), but definitely not thisO___________o




I’m going to go ahead and side with Nintendo on this.




I literally can’t. After reading half of this story, I feel like throwing my laptop across the room. My only consolation in all of this, is that by Sunday, everyone will know of this atrocious behavior, and for once (if people can do more than talk), Squarespace will learn the err of their ways the only real way companies learn – by losing millions of dollars and/or being put out of business. …I won’t hold my breath though…

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On Nudity and Being Tainted (On International Women’s Day)


Again, with the respectability politics. If you didn’t give a shit about Kim Kardashian, you wouldn’t go out of your way to talk about her. The blatant hypocrisy of these (white – because it’s overwhelmingly white women chiming in) dumbasses praising Bette for her misogynistic comments about Kim posting a nude photo is nauseating. Especially when the same people were both enraged that Jennifer Lawrence had her publicly shared nude photos leaked, and have been actively fighting to “free the nipple”. Taking a photo of yourself doesn’t make you a whore, a slut, nor desperate for attention. That anyone would scramble to slut shame someone for sharing photos that have absolutely no impact on their lives says a ton, though. The hateful bitches are oh so eager to come out of the woodwork, and display their internalized misogyny, in order to regulate the bodies of women they’re jealous of, but sure to loudly proclaim they couldn’t care less about. The sad part, is that most people involved in this conversation know that Bette Midler ran around in next to nothing, in film and plays, for years, yet bit back at the critics who attempted to utilize respectability politics to police her actions. Of course, this isn’t the first time Bette has spoken down to women for doing the same thing she’s done. Clearly, hypocrisy goes hand-in-hand with old age and body image issues.

As far as I have been made aware, no one has ever told Bette, or any person that they take too many pictures of their faces. Why then, is a different policy applied to rest of our bodies? Are we only allowed to post hundreds of pictures when secondary sex organs aren’t within sight? That women must submit substantial evidence of their depth when indulging in personal reflection, plays into the harmful beliefs that nothing productive nor positive could ever come from a nude photo, and that our bodies are only to be viewed when we are being used as entertainment. Women cannot decide to view their bodies and be proud of what we see without hypotheses being spun on our reasoning, and critique being thrown at us for daring to be naked. Women who have reproduced must never reveal that they have sex, nor that they still possess desirable forms (for how would your child be able to live knowing that you aren’t ashamed of the body they see on a regular basis?).  Women are only  permitted to be objectified and over-sexualized by men and bitterly repressed women. That is, unless a woman is revealing her body when communicating a “meaningful message”.  When a woman is naked, she must only be nude for public consumption, to sell products, and when her “purity” or lack thereof serves as a lesson of what occurs when a woman has too much sex (she’s punished/murdered in a slasher film), or is a “good, quiet, girl who leaves something to the imagination” (intentionally repressed as fuck). It’s bizarre, yet expected, given her less than typical shape, that Kim’s photo was immediately sexualized, when her caption and pose weren’t sexual in the least bit. Nudity does not equal sex, and mothers aren’t actresses on Fox – they don’t need to be conservatively covered to the neck and denied any semblance of self-expression.

As strange as it sounds, if you don’t want to see something that isn’t about you, you don’t need to. Actions should be judged independently. There is also a huge difference between critiquing women for their actions, and shaming them – and only them – for completely natural behavior. Perhaps the time being spent on seeking out all of these nude photos could be better spent working on exploring why breasts and  vaginas make you so uncomfortable and an otiose reactionary.

∇ And before the simple bitches show up to attempt wit – feel free to show me where you all went on these rampages when Pam Anderson, and Paris Hilton became famous and were given reality shows for their sex tapes, and and fashion lines, after the fact. I’ll wait.

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Your Phone Was Made By Slaves: A Primer on the Secret Economy

I’m almost completely positive that not one iota of this is neither “new” nor “surprising”. Are there really people living in developed and developing nations who have no idea where their cell phones, computers, and televisions come from? That anyone can honestly claim that kind of ignorance in 2016 is the only shocking part about all of this.

Source: Your Phone Was Made By Slaves: A Primer on the Secret Economy