Question: When Was The Last Time Polyneasian People Asked Anyone To Speak For Them?


I’m very sure that every Polynesian person wants some under-educated all-lie to speak on their behalf. There’s nothing quite like a descendant of the people who enslaved your ancestors coming out from under their rock and speaking over you to tell everyone how acceptable a depiction of one of your gods is. Especially when those same people white wash the fuck out of everything (especially religious characters) in a desperate attempt to remain relevant.  


It’s almost funny how obvious it is that these people have not only never seen a Polynesian man, but have less than no idea what Māui looks like. 


4689613_origMāui depicted, reigning in the Sun.

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Maybe if these entitled fools spent as much time studying anatomy and biology as they do offering up Eurocentric beauty standards as a way to marginalize people of color, they’d look less ignorant. But hey, I like being informed before speaking. I’m clearly a weirdo. *sips lemon juice*


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