What A Sheltered Life

It’s not bad enough that people are silent in the face of such well documented, indisputable murder. No. You have the nerve to post/share an anecdotal story about one man who got through an encounter with the police last October without being executed. Is that something to be proud of? What? Are you honestly daft enough to think that if every black and brown man acted exactly as this man allegedly (as there is no proof of his experience) did, that more black and brown boys and men would be free and alive today? That his alleged survival means that decades of actual studies proving that brown skin is feared and warrants, in cops’eyes, a bullet instead of civilized action, are invalidated? Because in your haste to go to bat for the police, you never bothered to learn that Philando Castile followed the directions given to him to a tee. That Anthony Nuñez’s mother called the police to help her son, who she feared would harm himself. And still those men were executed as if they were criminals caught in the act. And let’s not forget the child and adult, each shot multiple times, in the span of between two and six seconds of the cops seeing them, for holding weapons in open carry states. But who am I kidding? Facts don’t matter. Not to the likes of those who share trite shit like this, which reeks of respectability politics and a lack of self awareness. Because “acting courteously” means dying for daring to walk outdoors and not filming the cops as they violate the law, least you face more jail time than they ever will.




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