“Support The Athletes,” You Say?


On Saturday, Hungarian swimmer Katinka Hosszú shattered a world record in the 400-meter individual medley and the NBC commentators couldn’t get enough — of her husband.

Her race was split-screened with Shane Tusup’s reaction. The analysts pointed him out as “the man responsible” for her athletic turnaround. Tusup is her husband and her coach, the male analysts explained, although they somehow failed to mention that some swimmers have observed him being verbally abusive toward her.

Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu celebrates a world record and gold medal in the women’s 400-meter individual medley. (Lee Jin-Man/AP)

It’s fine for an athlete to credit her coach for the progress she’s made in the pool in her post-victory interview. It’s another thing entirely for some pool-side observer to blithely attribute her hard-won success to her husband. She’s the one who swam the race, not him.

“Wife of a Bears’ lineman wins a bronze medal today in Rio Olympics,” the newspaper tweeted Sunday.

Not even her name. Or her event. Or the fact that it was Cogdell-Unrein’s second Olympic medal in trap shooting, in her third Olympic Games. The most newsworthy part: She’s married to NFL lineman Mitch Unrein.

The Trib got called out on the sexism, and not just by angry women’s studies majors.

Peters and Justins and Scotts all over Twitter had a field day.


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