Activism Lands Brown Skin In Prison

No one can be shocked at this – at least, no one who has remained abreast of the situation surrounding the ever increasingly webcasted relationship the police have had with people of color for the past two hundred years. Because when you cannot be murdered, or ghosted away (like Joseph Kent, the lone protester, in Ferguson, was while police tanks blocked the news crews’ view of the young activist’s kidnapping), you are unlawfully imprisoned. This has especially been the case for young black and brown activists.



“Williams was among the many protesters who confronted violent cops to say no to police brutality after the murder of a young black teenager, Michael Brown, in 2014. He was arrested and charged with first-degree arson and second-degree burglary.

The audacious African-American was sentenced to 8 years in prison at the Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center in Bonne Terre, Missouri.  It is the longest prison sentence so far compared to other Missourians who have committed the similar crimes. He has already spent 5 months and still left with over seven and a half year to complete his sentence.

According to reports, a Judge, John D Warner Jr., sided with a prosecution request to ‘make an example’ of the young activist. Williams told The HuffingtonPost, ‘The protesters came to support me and he didn’t like that, so he gave me eight years.’

Even though Williams is in jail, he still fights from inside against injustice and police brutality.  ‘Prior to everything, I had been working with youth and that’s still in my heart. I’m going to continue to fight for other people in the world. Although I’m in here, I’m still fighting in here. Keep strong with it and I’ll be out soon,’ he said.

And so, judges now outrageously sentence black activists to create fear and make people sit at home and not stand against police brutality and injustice in our communities.”




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