NBC: Enough Is Enough

The habitual line steppers at NBC Universal have gone from toeing the line, to jumping completely over it with the insanely racist, pro-human trafficking, family-friendly sitcom, Mail Order Family. The show revolves around a single father who buys a Filipino woman to come and live with him and raise his two, teen-aged daughters.


The series is supposed to be loosely based on Jackie Clarke’s life. “Her father had his children look through a catalog for a potential wife to be mailed over from the Philippines. He bought a wife and both lived unhappily together for several years. Clarke’s new stepmother not only rejected her attempts at closeness but also divorced her father after discovering he had a secret family in the Philippines. Eventually, Clarke’s father abandoned his kids to be with his new family in the Philippines as well. And now her story is being turned into a comedy.”


Words cannot convey my disgust with the gall of every person who has touched this story and script.


A petition has begun, calling to pull the show and fire the writer and producers.



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