Riri and Voting?

With the election a handful of months away, Rihanna made a speech last week, urging all of her fans to vote because she cannot. 


“It’s crazy numbers right now — over 70 million Americans are not registered to vote and it saddens me because young people are the future.”


As shocking as that number sounds, Rihanna is right about that statistic; according to U.S. Census Bureau Data, about 72 million eligible Americans aren’t registered to vote.


She’s also got a point about young people’s political power. Millennials are now as much of political force as baby boomers, making up 31 percent of the electorate, according to the 31 Pew Research Center. However, the generation has yet to fully exert that voting power. The Pew Research Center also reports that only 46-percent of 18-29 year-olds actually went to the polls in 2012.


If you need to register to vote, there is still time. Click away.



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