Maylin Reynoso, 20


Maylin Reynoso was a 20-year-old Dominican woman from the Bronx who disappeared and was later found dead in the Harlem River. Her passing was tragic, and so is the media’s silence around it.


Reynoso, who was last seen leaving her job at a gas station on July 27 and was found deceased on July 30, hasn’t made headlines, unlike the recent murders of white female joggers Karina Vetrano and Vanessa Marcotte.


For many, the lack of media attention around the young Latina’s loss is yet another example of the ways in which the disappearances and deaths of women of color are treated by news outlets. It’s another reminder that lives of color are considered less important than those who die white.


Unlike Vetrano and Marcotte, whose passings were characterized as homicides, the medical examiner for Reynoso’s case says her cause of death is still pending, leading some to believe, as many do when bodies of color are found lifeless, that her loss of life wasn’t an act of violent execution but rather prompted by activity she was involved in. Others believe Reynoso, who lived with depression and bipolar disorder, might have committed suicide.


The young woman’s family and friends, however, aren’t convinced by either plot. You shouldn’t be either.


Screenshot 2016-08-25 at 10.53.25 PM - Edited

Why is that? Could it be because you don’t see Latinas – all women of color – as human beings, but as things to continuously fetishize?


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