Apparently, It’s 1998 Again.

Talk about a time warp. Instead of seeing hundreds of kids my age with Game Boy Colors, playing the Red, Blue, and Yellow version of the first installment of Pokemon, I see a ton of adults wandering around, staring at their cell phones and glancing up and around as if they don’t know where they are.


The downside to this game hitting us as adults is that we seem to be a lot more impatient than we were as children. That, and shit is  lot crazier than it used to be. If kids aren’t out looking for Pokemon and stumbling across dead bodies, people are meandering obliviously around their offices instead of working (and being fired), and wandering into traffic and mislabeled private residences, there are gangs who are using the game to lure people to secluded locations in order to rob them. Pokemon Go came out five days ago. I’m glad that I can count on my generation getting bored of this after another two weeks, or we might actually be in trouble.



Screenshot 2016-07-11 at 7.48.12 AM




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