You “Had No Idea” and Now You Still Don’t Care

Wypipo want to know why we film every encounter with the police. This is why. Cops are trained to scream “stop resisting” or “stop evading arrest” in order to be seen as not culpable for their actions. If they yell at you to stop resisting and they continue to taze, kick, punch, and shoot you, they can say that they felt fear for the lives regardless of what you’re actually doing. We’ve been shown this as the cops tackled and then tazed a young black girl for 10 minutes, on the sidewalk, while screaming at her to “stop resisting” as three white adults watched, we were shown that as cops screamed and emptied their clips, reloading their guns two and three times in order to continue firing at an unarmed black groom who sat in a car on the morning of his wedding, and we’re shown now.



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