The Cops and DJ Khaled Have the Same Tagline

Alva Braziel was shot ten times by Houston police in six seconds for having a gun in the open carry state of Texas. Alva was searching for the people who stole his horse. As the mayor of Dallas said this morning on ‘Meet the Press’ in reaction to an army veteran killing five cops from a rooftop, “The cops just react. They saw a few individuals with guns slung over their shoulders and reacted”. It’s amazing that cops who should be trained to understand where gun fire is coming from, freak out and assume that the black guy standing ten feet away from them is the one shooting from above. Is it really surprising that a state that’s supposed to “have everything right” is still murdering brown men for being brown?  Alva Braziel is the ninth man of color murdered by police, on camera, in one week.


Screenshot 2016-07-10 at 3.34.22 PM


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