‘Tarzan’ ridicules black characters in incredibly racist movie – NY Daily News

It’s not that ‘Tarzan’ hasn’t always been racist, because you’d have to live under a rock to not  understand the whole ‘King Kong’-esque white fright of losing white children and women to the “wilds” of Africa after fucking with things and people they have no business trying to cage and study (an imagined lashing out to what horrors actually happened) bit. But COME ON. David Yates is clueless as fuck, but even he can’t be so stupid as to not comprehend what he’s directing.

Ugh… Just please tell me that Alex is just a lot dumber than I thought he was and that he has no idea what he has participated in. Because I can’t. 

The director, David Yates, actually told The Los Angeles Times that, “All that racist baggage that belonged to the earlier books or earlier B-movies, there’s no place for that. This is a modern film with modern sensibilities.” God help us if he’s right.

Reality check: Over 10 million Congolese slaves died horrible deaths and Yates thinks his “Tarzan” scenario in which the black slaves were really saved by a white ape man is not racist? Is Yates ape-s–t?

If you didn’t know better, you’d think the latest “Tarzan” was a Mel Brooks production. All that’s missing are dancing slaves in chains.



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