Scientists in Japan have been studying cats and have found that they seem to use their hearing to work out whether objects they can’t see exist.


They also appear to understand the principle of cause and effect, which means they know that actions can lead to a reaction.


Thirty domestic cats [sufficient] were filmed reacting to a researcher shaking a plastic container. Sometimes the plastic container had something in it, sometimes it didn’t.


The results suggest that when the container rattled the cats expected it to have something inside.


Researchers say they know this because the cats stared at the containers for longer than the ones which were presumed to be empty.


They also stared for longer at non-rattling containers that were revealed to have an object inside and vice versa, as if they were surprised.


Saho Takagi lead the research and said: “Cats use a causal-logical understanding of noise or sounds to predict the appearance of invisible objects.”





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