Isn’t It Hilarious

How the United States is the butt of every joke, and people from other countries voluntarily and, oftentimes, randomly proclaim how proud they are to not be from the US where stupidity, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, and greed are rampant? What’s funnier is how unread people consumed with the need to project their inadequacies will jump on that bandwagon and shit on US citizens, and/or throw epic level hissy fits when you tell them they’re wrong. I most enjoy the embarrassed silence of the asinine who are forced to cease their undeserved preening when Canada, Costa Rica, Britain, the UK, *Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Israel, and Japan are shown to be horrible sites of human indecency that everyone just willfully ignores. 


How dumb do you have to be to vote on a referendum and then research what was?






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