I’m Looking Forward To Self-Driving Cars

Mostly because I want an Elio. But apparently EM is embroiled in a regulatory nightmare and the vehicles aren’t allowed on bridges in bad weather, so I’d have to move into the city to get one, which would make having an Elio redundant.


I question our ability to use self-driving cars nation-wide though. The United States has notoriously shitty infrastructure. A self-driving car like the Marshmallow works on a basic level in a controlled environment, and in well maintained cities like San Francisco, but it couldn’t function in many states. The fact that most of our rural and city roads lack visible lines that determine where and when a left turn, a lane change, designated deaf and school zones, or even where to fucking stop is is ridiculous. The potholes are another matter entirely. The Marshmallow possesses intuitive features, but how would the car utilize its sensors to know how to do anything but not hit a human nor another car if it can’t see what the rules of the road are in neighborhoods like mine, which aren’t completely/adequately mapped by Google Earth?






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