Can You Say You Expected Anything More?

It’s strange when people ask me who I find attractive, and after I answer them, they say, “You love sports, but you don’t follow any professional athletes?”. No. Not ever, actually. As much as I love a pretty face, part of what makes you attractive is what you deem acceptable. Models and actors live in less rigid (regressive) sects of our society. The hive mentality is strictly enforced in the sports world. There’s a very, you’re with us, or your against us, blue line-esque vibe that is perpetuated by the coaches, the players, and their significant others. Girlfriends and wives of athletes are to be grateful that these players ever looked their way. They should be ecstatic at landing such a meal ticket, and demonstrate that thankfulness by being an actual 1970’s Stepford wife – look “perfect” all the time, pop out a baby or two to secure that free ride, but never step out of line, never talk about what your life is actually like, and never ever have an opinion about anything ever. Fail to abide by the rules and you will be traded in for a newer, more submissive model. That shit is creepy as fuck, as are those who condone this behavior. The sad part is that this culture isn’t inconspicuous at all. Ignoring the public’s on-going reactions to the Golden State MVP’s wife, Ayesha Curry, the new reality show WAGS unconsciously illustrates the conservative undercurrent of the NBA, NHL, and NFL. Even IF these players were good looking, why would I want to silence myself and live under some man’s thumb like I’m without options and self respect? 


blk girls


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