You CANNOT congratulate a company that has publicly funded bills to EXECUTE HOMOSEXUALS, when they open to feed people after an oppressed homophobe executes four dozen homosexuals! Do people understand what profiting off of ignorance is? Chik-fil-A claims they’re re-crafting their image (post 2012), yet haven’t changed any of their policies nor political leanings. When’s the last time they fed some homeless bi kids? Chik-fil-A backed Pam Bondi! They’re purposefully being hypocrites because they know that the monetary benefits of momentary hypocrisy outweigh the tidbit of anger the religious right will express at this move. Every time you eat one of those dry ass chicken sandwiches, you’re actively oppressing LGBTIA+ people. What the fuck is wrong is with you people?! You have the collective mind of a sieve. Double tie your tubes! 


So fucking stupid


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