Why Are You Messing With My Feelings?!

It’s not bad enough that I’ve been stuck on one chapter of a book for five days because it’s gotten suspiciously happy all of a sudden, and that’s usually a huge red flag that things are going to get particularly bloody in about three pages. No… I had to escape from that wary situation to a message from two friends that excitedly told me to dig through my closet and search through my father’s basement to find my old Disney movies which may be worth thousands of dollars. “Finally”, I thought, “Happy times to overshadow the looming gore, and alleviate some financial woes”. No. I did a search on Snopes to make sure I wasn’t wasting my time by getting up early, putting on pants, and going to the city. 


LIES! It’s a hoax. There’s no fortune to be had. I’m not sitting on a veritable gold mine. I still have to wait for my parents to drop dead to have any money. UGH… So annoying. I need some chocolate.




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