OHOHOHO! Look. At. That.

For about five years, everyone and their mother has jumped on my case the moment I’ve said anything about not liking and not trusting Elizabeth Warren. They’ve always been like, “What proof do you have of Warren being untrustworthy?!”, “You expect too much from people”, “What have YOU done for this country and in politics that makes you an authority?” Meanwhile, they bitch and moan about the president and Congress.


But now those same people are complaining about Elizabeth Warren doing exactly what I said she would. Why would any of you be angry about her endorsing Hillary Clinton? I thought you trusted all of Warren’s decisions? What happened? Was I right about Elizabeth Warren’s lack of integrity? Hmmmmm.




You people really need to understand that I’m a better judge of character than you are. Just take my word on people. Johnny Depp is the only person I was wrong about (and I think I’m allowed a pass considering my lapse of judgement occurred at four years old).


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