Speaking Of Unethical Practices…

As someone who has had experience working in compliance and legal, I know exactly why Bank of America is ignoring these comments, though the deletion of the posts and the way they’re blocking people isn’t in line with the instructions typically given by the legal department (legal specifies that silence should be maintained until the problematic person’s social media account has been frozen and disabled, and a gag order signed by both parties). Banks aren’t allowed to appear as if they’re catering to minority outrage. They just won’t do it. BoA will deal with this internally, sending out a company reminder from HR, and erasing all evidence of this situation (freeze her FB account and the comment replies on their page threads). They’re going to issue a statement online after the investigation concludes.


I just asked about this. So why do minorities have BoA accounts? Bank of America has been problematic for seventeen years. Sign up with a credit union.



Update: Bank of America has issued a statement regarding the bigoted employee. 


WHY is “Not All Banks” an actual hashtag? Stop it. ಠ_ಠ


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