Where Do You Draw the Line?

I wonder how people are so able to do business with a company, which offers more opulent services, and has known unethical practices. More frugally-geared service brands like Walmart, whose ethical entanglement and relationship with their customers has been researched and largely understood (people with limited resources swallow the bitter pill that they must be patrons of the very company that has put them out of business and raised their crime rate because the nearest supermarket is not reachable by public transportation, and online purchase cannot be conducted by those without debit and credit cards). But what about companies like AirBnB who look the other way when their “small business owners” are discriminatory? The company has lied when confronted with their faulty website setup, defending the home owner, and blaming the victim for the hatred that was shown to them, saying,


“Profile photos are an important part of our community and are one of the many tools that help hosts and guests connect with one another. We welcome the opportunity to work with anyone that can help us reduce potential discrimination in the Airbnb community.” and “the discrepancy was likely because Selden, at first, reserved one night — and then reserved two nights with the fake accounts. …Many guests do not accept reservations for only one night for a variety of reasons.” (Pictures verify that the same reservations were attempted with all three profiles. And you already know that I have studies to back up these findings.)  


At what point does a company become problematic enough for one to stop giving them business? Is there a clear line that must be crossed? Sexism? Racism? Sweatshops? W-2 legality issues? Cultural appropriation? Child pornography? Tax evasion?



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