What Has Value?

I wonder why some people can’t just be honest and admit that they value the lives of children over literally everyone else… Do they think that others will call them trash for caring any less about a human being the moment it turns eighteen? I ask because it’s obvious that tons of people couldn’t care less about North Korean camps, the Israeli-Palestine conflict, massive earthquakes, fire bombing/drone attacks, and the plight of the world’s refugees until a picture of a dead toddler pops up in the news feed and/or on the evening news. It is only then that the masses mobilize, penning letters to and calling their congresspeople, and collecting donations to assist the suffering. What is it that is unique in a tormented child that kicks people into action? Are adults more responsible for their own adversity and children only victims? I’m very interested in the rationale behind the line of thinking that sees these kinds of responses to tragedy.


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