When Choosing A Cause For Which To Be An Activist

Is it not prudent for a person who sees inequity to have an urge to fight it? I am all about multitasking and dividing my attention between a multitude of political, economic, cultural, and social issues. But when a person notices injustices and they wish to speak up and out about them, would it really be logical for said person make the choice to bring more attention to the plight of those who already employ lobbyists?


So why are there so many animal activists?


There are hundreds of sects of the community which would delight in more visibility, and a larger voice. Hundreds of trans women are murdered every year. Many times their killers walk free; are never searched for. Millions of children are unlawfully detained in school and redirected to prison for literally no other reason than the fear their teachers have of their bodies. Why wouldn’t one speak up for them instead of being part of groups like Vegan Outreach, which sees millions of men and women being sexually assaulted on farms, and thousand of acres of rainforests burned to the ground in favor of exploitative palm oil plantations? Are migrant workers, poor inner city children, and transsexual women less deserving of a voice than polar bears, some dog in a canine unit, and enslaved apes? …Or do those who advocate for animal rights really have no interest in assisting anyone in actual need of it? What possible reason could someone – anyone – give for bypassing the news of our rapidly deteriorating environment, murder, rape, suicide, unlawful imprisonment, war crimes, and unethical economic disenfranchisement to talk about an ape that was born in captivity because its mother and father were snatched from their home by some privileged, linguistically challenged asshole who paid “natives” to take him on an excursion through Gabon? And yeah… What about that? Why protest the murder of an animal in a zoo when it shouldn’t have any interaction with humans in the first place? Why didn’t you care about the animals before this incident? Why are you people even going zoos? How is the San Diego zoo different from Sea World


“Within 48 hours of Harambe’s death, a petition calling for criminal charges against the parents of the unidentified 3-year-old boy received more than 330,000 signatures. After more than 18 months, a petition calling for the indictment of Officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback in the killing of Tamir Rice has received less than 120,000 signatures.”


Like every facet of life, the privileged and bigoted will create a hierarchy to satisfy their operational needs. Activism is no different.


Wait! A little show and tell before we go:


Story posted by the Daily Mail November 4, 2012 (notice the dogs don’t have names and the mother is portrayed as grieving and contrite):



Story posted by the Daily Mail May 31, 2016 (notice that the gorilla has a name and the parents are portrayed as belligerent criminals)





I’ll just be here, waiting for people to figure out the difference between the two instances and for animal activists to call each other out… Shouldn’t take too long, right? Right? *sips lemon juice*


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