“You Are Two”


This is both horrifying and fascinating. I want to recoil at the fact that this has been done to people (and I would assume that they were babies at the time because I’d think there would be a lot of confusion, excitement, and anger being expressed otherwise), but I’m also really curious. …I’m also overthinking every movement I make right now. How much thought is going into what is believed to be snap decisions? Are there such things as snap decisions when something other than action is involved? Are there things that we subconciously decide and then verbalize despite not wanting to (a la an override system)? Is the right hemisphere of our brains constantly and silently screaming for attention? Is the right side our conscious? Is this so easy to accept because it feels true? @___@ I have to watch the other video




If you’re interested in reading about this phenomenon, here is a thesis. Be aware, it’s book length.


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