Is The Sense of Self So Fragile That It Could Be So Intrinsically Tied To The Opinions Others Have Of You?

“Fear is the mother of mortality.”

– Nietzsche

How disheartening it is that a certain amount of complacency seems necessary to remain favorable in the eyes of others. Only so much self-improvement is permissible. There is a clear limit on the number of objections one should have to the conditions and treatment of other human beings, unethical policy, and nonsensical/all cultural norms. One’s standards should only be so high as to not discomfort and isolate others. The general message is to not exceed expectations so much as to inspire, nor enough to produce reactions of shock and awe. Tempering one’s dissatisfaction to an inaudible grumble is what is generally seen as best when striving to be considered tolerable to others. I’ve often been told I have an iron stomach, but I’ve never been able to endure that much. 


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