WHERE Is ISIS Getting All Of This Acid From?!

I’ve been asking these questions for seventeen years and I have yet to receive an answer.

Where is it legal to sell vats of nitric and sulfuric acid? Who markets these terrible products on the black market? It has to be a corporation with ties to someone’s government and/or military. That’s just common sense. There’d be no other way to get twenty years worth of acid from one country to another. Like the billions of dollars ISIS has been receiving for over a decade from the US, the UK, and China, from oil and stolen art sales, this shit doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. …There is definitely money in the horror , shock, and disgust media outlets can drum up from isolationist simpletons, who wait in the wings for news of another murder to spew vitriolic comments, but someone else has to be wondering about these things.

Also: Seriously?! Who does this?! What is wrong with ISIS? Didn’t they used to be into relatively expedited deaths (fifteen seconds is pretty quick considering your body supposedly goes into shock after decapitation)? Vats of acid… That’s some ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ Hitler shit.


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