In the Fight For Equality and A Voice for Insecurities

I would love to believe and perpetuate the falsehood that my generation is doing everything to confront the inherent sexism of of our societies, and the piles of baggage that accompany hetereonormativity, image, and gender roles. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Yes, we’re doing better than previous generations, but that isn’t exactly a difficult thing to do. Who hasn’t moved past telling men to “just deal” with PTSD, and saying that women can’t hold political office?

One issue that seems pretty insurmountable in the fight against sexism is that of body acceptance. The approaches of the “body positivity” movement have been assbackwards on the whole. They involve accepting negative stereotypes, and utilize classism, and racism as crutches to function – to thrive.  Common assumptions about work life, financial stability, and accessibility to both food and exercise equipment (with an ignorance of the societal weight of each of those facets – including how gentrification and food deserts play into this) are pretty standard. This is not even touching upon the issue of vanity sizing, or the use of white, cishet men and women as the ideal body types to which to strive for.

All of these factors being used in conjunction with impulse to critique the expression of emotion is leading us in circles. The psychological aspect of this oppression alone is horrendous. *I could literally go on forever about it. That all of these things are interconnected and effect the way we speak, and allow others to speak, about their insecurities is the crux of the issue. Because if we don’t talk about these problems, they will remain indomitable and we overwhelmed.




*And you know I will go on about this for another twelve pages at another time.


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