Doxing for What?

A friend of a friend was the victim of doxing. She wore a baseball cap to work that struck a few nerves. That said, the hat didn’t violate company policy, and was not unlike a number of the hats and pins worn by her white co-workers, so she was well within her rights to wear it – had been for a couple of days. The hat perpetuated no stereotypes, it preached no hatred, it contained no “curse words”, and yet literally hundreds of white people were enraged and demanded both her personal information and her work number in order to call her employer repeatedly, if necessary, until she was fired. These demands for her personal information were, of course, accompanied by death threats, suspicions of this woman’s home life and financial situation, copious racial slurs, racist depictions (with captions), and, because white people are obsessed with our bodies and not-so-secretly want to sleep with us all the time, speculation on the condition of her vagina.

Funnily enough, all of these things were typed in plain sight of the general public, where said racists could be doxxed and exposed to their own employers. A number of the comments were hidden. While the comments are (or were) public, comments were disabled.


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