On Doing Good For Props

I am pretty sure that everyone will have a moment when they want to be praised for doing the right thing, at the right time. For being proactive without provocation. There is no real fault in that. There is fault in looking for notoriety, yet neglecting to do your due diligence.

Even when looking to go out of their way to “make a difference” people seem desperate to take the easy way out. No one has pressured them into being an eleemosynary, but they still can’t be bothered to be charitable in the correct manner. And yes, there are many wrong ways to be charitable.

This is one of them:



Dashik Gubanova Freckle hasn’t cut her hair in 13 years, according to her Instagram profile, and she doesn’t plan to do so anytime soon. In fact, she’s been on a mission since 2003 to grow out her maneuntil it reaches her toes. Once she reaches her goal, she plans to donate her hair to be made into numerous wigs for those in need, as a truly charitable princess does.

Millions of people decide every day that they’ll grow out and donate their hair. They just say, “My second cousin twice removed was just diagnosed with stomach cancer. I feel helpless and selfish for never thinking of cancer survivors until yesterday, so I’ll eat healthy [whatever the hell that means], grow my hair to my waist, and bundle it for donation”. That’s not how it works. Even thinking about it in a hypothetical sense, it should occur that it can never work that way. There are rules to the donation process. Even if one ignores the many carcinogens and parabens that they coat their hair and scalp with every. Single. Time they bleach, dye, wash, and condition their hair, the possibility that they’re ingesting foods and alcohol that will come out in/damage their hair, should make them pause enough to turn on a computer and do some research. For some reason, that never seems to happen, though. And I say “never” because upwards of 80% of all of the hair donated to Locks of Love, (which is a charity for kids with alopecia, not cancer) Wigs for Kids, and other wig charities is thrown out due to ignorance. Chemical treatments are not an option when donating anything that comes from your body. The day whatever charitable organization Dashik chose, opens her box of hair, they will dump it directly into the trash. The moment that level six bleach touched her head, that hair became useless.

Over ten years of saying “no” and it’s still not gotten through. People think they’re sacrificing and being so philanthropic when they’re really only wasting everyone’s time while attempting to make themselves feel good about whatever is going on in their lives. Just write a check to a research facility and put a bumper sticker on your car.

Necessary gripe mention: Stop giving to Susan G. Komen. They’re thieves.


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