Facebook and Twitter

I would love to disagree with the article, but between my friends’ work in FBPWP, exposing how often white nationalist groups (e.g. “Black Privilege” and “SIDS (punishment from God for having interracial babies)”) are allowed to hurl slurs at Latinos, Asians, and black people on public pages while still remaining functional, my own exit from Facebook, and the marked difference in reaction when a racist/homophobe/xenophobe says something and when people of color re-post the results of the report, informing them that the bigoted words weren’t removed – or even now for the 20 day bans people of color get simply saying “mayo” – the facts really stand on their own.

Facebook became racist at the exact moment they opened the website up to the general public. It makes sense, when you think about why the people had been prohibited from joining.
That isn’t to say that Azealia isn’t a racist, self-hating, homophobic piece of trash, because she is, but if Facebook and Twitter gave a shit about protecting people from racism, sexism, and homophobia, they’d crack down on the hundreds of hateful white pages and thousands of hateful white people instead of constantly giving them passes.


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