Daniel! Come and get your friend.

You know… I ignored it when Emma Watson was in that bullshit Noah’s Ark film, because it was a pretty harmless movie and sometimes, in order to be in films, you have to star in shit films. That’s just how it works. Then people were like, “That Harry Potter girl is super white, speaks as if there’s an even playing field, and has no understanding of her privilege“, and I was mildly horrified and disappointed, but figured she might grow out of it once she stopped hanging out with that twat, Jennifer Lawrence and that rapist, Lena Dunham.  Now that the ICIJ has named Emma Watson as a tax dodging, pro-shell company thief, however, I’m officially out of passes and silver linings. Being an accomplice of the Panama Papers scandal is inexcusable. The self-serving proponents of financial ambiguity are supposed to all exist in our parents’ generation, not ours. We’re supposed to be better than them. Why do you guys keep fucking up?!

bell emma


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