Alpha Kappa Every Damn Time

Sororities and fraternities offer nothing but nepotism to the world. They produce brainless dolts who favor cowardice, blind conformityignorance, and mob mentality over progress and individual thought. If you still need a family at eighteen, stay your ass at home.

Of course, the Alabama chapter of racist twatwaffles has since apologized, but what does that mean? These “people” will be depicted in a deliberately apologetic manner, while their chapter will likely be closed, yet none of the members will face any repercussions for their actions. Because racism is only patiently reprimanded when we, the victims, take it upon ourselves to make a public spectacle of the hatred and intolerance these organizations fund and promote. Justified public outrage earns these privileged shits a slap on the wrist. That’s literally it.

…It should be noted that I meant to post this yesterday, but upon accessing any article detailing this atrocious behavior (I’ve opened four different articles), my computer has given up, restarted, and erased its recent history. 


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