Who Does This?

I got into the the makeover game a little late because I was conducting an experiment for most of high school, but also because I didn’t want to double process my hair and risk having it fall out/break off. …I had gone through predictable periods every year or so, where I would get tired of sitting under the dryer for an hour and a half and just hack my hair off at my shoulders or at my chin, but aside from an accident in seventh grade which saw me with bright red-orange hair (which thankfully no one really remembers), I kept it pretty basic. Relaxer every two months, a bi-monthly roller set, and my hair did what it wanted the rest of the time (kept it in a ponytail). I don’t ever remember speaking to anyone about my options, though. I always had my own money and went to the hair salon when I saw fit. When I decided to stop getting relaxers, I didn’t tell anyone, I just stopped. When I decided to cut all of my hair off, I just washed it, grabbed my boyfriend’s electric razor and went for it. When I wanted to get extensions for a summer, I made arrangements with a friend, bought some braiding hair, and sat for six hours while she plaited my hair. So it continues to shock me to see shit like this:



Kesha York-Jenkins Yes. To consult with your man is significant because it shows 1. that his opinion matters. 2. you trust his opinion and 3. you are open to doing what is pleasing and attractive for your man.

If the big chop is something that a woman wants to do she should totally have a conversation with her significant other first. If her man does not understand the purpose this present an opportunity to educate him about what it means to go natural and get rid of toxins in the hair.

If he opposes the idea to find a middle ground like braids so your hair can grown out until you can chop off the chemically treated ends of your new growth.

And lastly, if he support your decision then there really is no issue… Just consult with your men first ladies.

Be Blessed.


Things like this honestly confound me. Is this a serious question? Is Kesha’s response considered normal to people? Am I missing something? I cannot, for the life of me, ever think of a situation where I would need, nor put forth the effort, to speak to anyone, with the exception of a doctor (if the actions were deemed medically unsound), about what I made the choice to do with my body or anything that came out of it. Why would any woman – or any man for that matter – consult someone who supposedly cares about them about something as inconsequential as a haircut? If you come home one day and my hair is different, you just need to do one thing: DEAL WITH IT. If it’s in dreads – deal with it. If it’s bright blue – Deal with it. If it’s no longer there – Deal with it. Who gave your ass dominion over anyone else? No. What does it even matter, if it won’t effect your productivity? There are a few people in the comments claiming that we consult our best friends, so we should do the same our men, but again, why would consult your best friend? Does she have a cosmetology degree, because that’s the only reason her two cents could be considered valid.


And what do haircuts have to do with sexual preference? Ugh, I can’t with people…



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