Where are all the men who interrupted us?

Whenever I talk about the injustices visited upon rape victims (how disgusting it is that there are thousands of untested rape kits in Texas alone, that rapists are given parental rights in thirty states (an issue only now gaining national attention), and how victims are forced by usually male officers to retell the story of their attack tens of times before being told that they “led him on”), and specifically when I spoke out against Bill Cosby, black and white men attack me. They do this mostly because their practices are being called into question (they don’t always take no for an answer, which makes them rapists, and defensive), and because they feel ignored. They always ask me about the male victims of rape, deny rape culture even exists, and attempt to present women who have lied about sexual assault as if these lies are rampant, or as if these liars aren’t swiftly dealt with and given jail time for their transgression. But then I ask them why they support the Catholic church when the institution has been raping little boys and covering it up for hundreds of years. Then they fall deathly silent.


I ask these women-hating, piteous excuses for adults, with clear power and masculinity issues: Where are you now? In the face of the Sandusky and Hastert rape/child molestation scandals, where the hell are you pieces of shit and your harsh stances given the mountains of proof? Why aren’t you here for the male victims you supposedly gave a shit enough about to bring up when we were speaking about Cosby’s four and a half dozen victims? Where’s your outrage over his fifteen month sentence? Why are you people so pathetic?



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