Questioning the Delusional

Numerous publications have claimed that there is a problem of anti-Semitism within Labour and Naz Shah MP and Ken Livingstone have been suspended by the party because of statements they both made. Yet despite the party’s leadership moving quickly to deal with the allegations the press continue to argue that the problem persists. This of course has been jumped on by the Tories, who have gleefully stoked the flames.

But the noise made about the apparent anti-Semitism within Labour has far outweighed the fuss made over the overt racism within the Tory Party and points to a gross double standard from both Westminster politics and the press.

The publications that were calling for Naz Shah’s resignation and the suspension of Livingstone were not so quick to condemn David Cameron on his Islamophobic attempts to smear Sadiq Khan. Nor were they calling for his resignation when the Prime Minister attempted to dehumanise refugees by referring to them as a “bunch of migrants” and “swarms“.

There are a ton of people I know who are either from or who live overseas, and they swear up and down that racism and xenophobia are American blights. It is mind boggling how a group of people who claim to have traveled could be so willfully ignorant. It’s like they live under a rock, or they’re lying to themselves in order to not deal with the fact that they’re knowingly funding racist regimes. *sips lemon juice*

Why the press furore over Labour anti-Semitism but silence on Tory racism?


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