On Hugging Our Sl-Dogs

It’s amazing how guilty people become when you tell them that they’ve been acting incorrectly. A study can be peer reviewed and then discredited, but literally no one gives any fucks about what you think your dog likes and doesn’t like. Especially since you’ve earned a grand total of zero degrees in behavioral science, animal husbandry, nor psychology of any kind. It’d be a little crazy for a dog that you feed, have raised, and conditioned to bite you just because you had a shitty habit of touching it in a way it detests. You’d definitely kill it if that happened. You wouldn’t care about its feelings nor reasoning anymore than your reaction to this study illustrates that you disregard them almost entirely.

Screenshot 2016-04-30 at 5.45.18 PM

Why can’t people, as a whole, just be(come) informed and make the necessary adjustments to their behavior in order not to be completely inconveniencing/harmful/problematic? Is it really so difficult to be expected to consider the feelings of someone other than yourselves? Then again, people have to be forced by the law not to mutilate these animals, so maybe I’m asking a bit much.


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