ColourPop Part II

So, I discovered ColourPop last week and was really excited to find a matte lipstick that could withstand my constant eating. After discovering the website, I dove in and after finding the website lacking, I skipped over to YouTube in order to watch the hauls and see which colors would look best on my skin. I finally narrowed my selection down (picked a few mattes and satins and one regular (loud) lippie), and believing to have made an informed decision I accessed the website this morning. Or rather, I attempted to access the website this morning. It kept refreshing and then completely stopped working at around 11:30 AM.
Screenshot 2016-04-30 at 3.27.32 PM
I was confused since no one does maintenance in the middle of the day, so I just did a search for “ColourPop”. I found an article that announced a new collection release that had been scheduled for Thursday. Then it all made sense. You create a rush to consume by deliberately placing inhibitors in the path of your customers. Even when watching the haul videos, I saw YouTubers complaining about things running out of stock being the reason why their videos had been uploaded late. I didn’t think too much of it until I ran into the site problems today. Limited quantities are an intentional choice made by managing directors to generate a higher demand for otherwise mediocre products. The malfunctioning website assists in slowing the consumption of said merchandise (and going by the complaints on their Facebook Page, this is very common). They’re regularly used but aggravating ploys. Ones that have me rethinking the want to give ColourPop my money. We’re being treated like cows, led on a singular path to stunning, and I’m supposed to buy into that? Reward that? Nah, I’ll skip the childish behavior. Thanks.


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