Food Proof Lip Color?! YAAAAAAAS!

Why has no one ever told me about Color Pop?! You guys know that I hate makeup, and the only thing I don’t fuck up is lip gloss, and these are all chemicals (so yay! No allergies) AND they come in matte colors?! I’m throwing every other color in my cart and sending my thanks to Evelyn for mentioning a food-proof lip color, because, as many can attest, I look cute all made up, and then I see food and it’s over (and hell if I’m not eating to preserve some lipstick).


Picking colors other than red has been a problem, though. I have about twelve items in my basket, but I’ve been shopping for almost an hour. Only the lippies have swatches on someone close to my complexion, and finding someone with my skin tone on YouTube, who happens to be reviewing Color Pop lip stains is difficult, to say the least. I’ve been watching videos by women a little darker and a little lighter than I, then using the arms on the product pages as a sort of middleground… It’s way too complicated. Hopefully, these nudes don’t come out to be pink against my skin (because I hate pink lipstick on everyone – your lips look chapped. STOP). We shall see in a few days.


I really need my idea of the five to seven models of differing skin tone showcasing outfits and makeup to become a reality like yesterday. I’m beyond tired of not being represented by black and white companies.

on the impracticality of clothing



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