On Ghost in the Shell and Giving Passes

I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of ‘Ghost in the Shell’. I watched the movie, and its “sequel” (though it wasn’t billed as canon), ‘Innocence’, with my boyfriend at the time, because he had been studying psychology and thought the film’s exploration of gender, sexual, and personal identity were interesting (that, and I remember him complaining about the “depressing shit” I would watch – see ‘Wolf’s Rain‘). It was a deceptively complex series, though, and I now find the topics it spoke about to be very relevant. The recent controversy surrounding the American, live-action version of the film is insanely ironic to me, and, no doubt, anyone who has ever seen any part of the series.

Movie poster image
There isn’t much that I can say about the live-action adaptation of GitS that I haven’t already said, at length in October of 2015 when the news broke. I do find it surprising that six months later, there are such a large number of people, who aren’t anime fans, who are incensed by the casting choices. I guess that means we’re making progress despite the untold number of racist white people who refuse to not see themselves as the default for everything in life… That so many people are outraged by yet another American film which whitewashes a story made by and for people of color is assuring, but it is still not enough. We have taken the steps to see this rectified, yet have gone ignored. This bleached filth will, however, go just as ‘The Forest’, ‘Gods of Egypt’, and ‘The Green Inferno’ did. That too many still don’t understand the art and the message means little. Without people of color to support them, Hollywood will go belly up. Like every other endeavor, actions speak louder than words and our money talks. Holding production companies, directors, and actors accountable are the only ways to change anything. That they have taken these steps to exclude people color has guaranteed that Scarlett Johansson, Rupert Sanders, Michael Pitt, Michael Wincott, Jamie Moss, and the others on this team will never see another dime from me, in my lifetime. That said, I am aware that others are, regrettably, not as firm in their convictions, nor the retention of current events as I am. The general public will forgive them so long as they are served another predictable and watered down superhero film. When the next four melanated films come out white as fuck, as scheduled, though, we need to remember that this will be a lesson hard taught.


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