On the Fallout of Ignoring Politics

As much as I would love to have a long, drawn out, conversation about the intricacies of the North, Central, and South American tax code, it really does fall on deaf ears about *eighty-five percent of the time. In my limited experience speaking to somewhat isolated groups about the issues surrounding our purposefully convoluted tax laws, and the shitload of holes which remain in place – to be utilized by the world’s super rich (hailing from the Ukraine, China, Iraq, Central America, Spain, and Israel), our elected officials, and those who are both inordinately rich and greedy (with whom I have experience and therefore space to complain (I mention such, almost habitually, as my “qualifications”, as they may be noted, are always called into question)) to hide their blood money – very little understanding was ever reached regarding the importance of the amendments needed to these laws. Many seemed unwilling to reconcile the laws allowing the unmitigated appropriation of public and private lands for the use of shell companies and private residences which are used all of thrice a year. Fewer still, were the number of people who would freely admit that United States refuses to convict those known for securities fraud and money laundering. That this country’s officials will not work with other countries to prosecute crooked bankers, investors, CEOs, and politicians whom utilize Ireland, Nigeria, the US, Russia, and China’s systems to their advantage. I’d assumed that this unwillingness to change the law was due to the fruitless wishes the general public has to one day be filthy rich so they may press their boots against the faces of those they have always believed are below them, but now I think it’s just ignorance.


There is a disproportionate hatred towards accounting, finance, and tax rules and regulations. I am convinced that the feelings are rooted in the abysmal knowledge the general public has of finance (as a study conducted several years ago cited that only 17% of American adults have a comprehensive understanding of finance – I doubt the numbers differ greatly overseas).  There really is no reason for it, other than fear. As annoying and insurmountable as it may seem, once you get to a certain age, you no longer have a real excuse for your ignorance. It’s one of those things you just have to do. Bite the bullet.


I do find it hilarious that the Panama Papers are front page news now, though. Weren’t the people currently having coronaries and protesting this, the same people who were screaming all over social media for the past five years about the “United States having the highest corporate tax rate” and “that’s why all of our corporations are leaving!!”? Strange that they’d suddenly comprehend the brevity of the situation,as well as the actualities of our tax code, when an article is produced rather than when pages of legislation and statements are supplied immediately upon their erroneous utterances.


*Not a precise percentage


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