On Knowing What You’re Supporting (Still Getting It Wrong)

It’s been a little over nine years since the CEO of Ford called Americans idiots whom he wouldn’t pander to with green vehicles until he absolutely had to. The people ignored that insult and ran to Ford in a display of pseudo-patriotic support, purchasing their cheap, gas-guzzling vehicles and saving the already morally bankrupt company from financial bankruptcy. …I wonder if this newest development will see anyone willing to listen about Ford…


Let’s be clear. There is absolutely no legitimate need for vehicles such as these to be on the road for regular traffic patrol. It would be nearly impossible for a citizen (whomever is foolish enough to run to the police for help) to identify this car during an emergency. The new Explorer is a barely legal instrument for the states who purchase them to raise revenue – and I say this as a person who has never gotten a ticket. I have no doubt that Ford has already met with several state legislators to propose deals on these Interceptors and, that if they are successful in “generating revenue” (because that’s the phrase they’ll use), we will see the legislation which mandates fixed and rotating light bars atop police vehicles rewritten.


It will be interesting to see how the presidential candidates approach this issue, and what solutions they will propose. That is, if it’s brought up at all.



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