On Gaining Hollow Justice

Moviegoers enjoy the escape that comes from immersing themselves in a film, and becoming enraptured in another world, another’s drama, and another not-too-complex life – so long as that life, that world, and that drama is given a solution that the viewer can gain peace of mind from. No matter how patronizing and condescending the moments immediately preceding  the ending credits may be, loose ends must not be left. This is, in part, to satisfy the completion principle. This cannot be provided to us in films like ‘The Wolf of Wall Street‘. The film is a reflection of our own inability to police our greed and punish those who take advantage of a broken system because we hope to one day be in their shoes. There is no justice nor resolution to be gained in watching the film because it is not an escape, nor a critique. It’s a beveled edged mirror with gold inlay. And that’s why it’s detested. It’s unfortunate that more don’t appreciate Martin’s unwillingness to indulge in the fantasy and simply act as they rather he direct the film.


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