Are We Supposed To Care About You?

It’s amazing how casually and frequently inaccurate postulations about the infection rate of HIV in the black and Latino communities would be interjected, by white men, into otherwise civil and coherent conversations about the need for preventive pro-choice legislation, and into threads about how we need more Planned Parenthood facilities in this country. The two groups most affected by HIV and AIDS are and were called every heinous name in the book, while being told that we “deserve to keep those babies as a form of punishment”. It’s of no real shock, then, that in October, when we all learned that middle-aged white people were killing themselves at an accelerated rate with drugs, alcohol, and guns, that the same people who continue to insult us at every turn and look the other way while we die in the streets, would, like the typical privileged shits, garner the most sympathy for suddenly being plagued by the very disease they believe we all have. Of course, the media keeps sensationalizing straight white men “finally” contracting AIDS, both like no one ever saw this happening sooner or later, and as if it they paid this much attention to the LGBTIA+ community and/or people of color when it was happening to us.

Legislators closed most of the Planned Parenthood clinics as a fuck you to poor women and women of color. It’s pretty poetic that the sexist, ignorant assholes they pandered to are the ones dying in hovels. The only people who are shocked and whom care about this are other white people.




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