On Ignoring Common Knowledge

*lazily sips lemon juice and stares at everyone*

I’m pretty sure that I’ve attempted to have this conversation about nine times, armed with studies ranging from the early 2000’s to 2012. Are people ready to listen now? Hn. Gotta love how facts are only to be recognized at others’ leisure. To be so privileged…

“In a study of medical students and residents, researchers find that a substantial number of white medical students and residents hold false beliefs about biological differences between black and white people (e.g., black people’s skin is thicker; black people’s blood coagulates more quickly) that could affect how they assess and treat the pain experienced by black patients.”

I’m mystified as to exactly why and how anyone who isn’t yt is shocked by this. Have you ever been to the doctor? Have you read about the tests they ran on people of color? Are you unaware that the consensus that is still maintained which claims that women “feel nothing in their vaginas” was based heavily upon the operations conducted on black women sans anesthesia? That white people are over-medicated whenever they complain, and black and brown patients are ignored despite any number of complaints lodged is common knowledge. It’s part of the reason why they’ve been abusing drugs at such an accelerated rate for the past twenty years. This has never been news. NEVER. Take a moment and pay attention to someone other than yourself, for once in your life.




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