On the Acceptance of a Parent Never Being Conditional

This is fantastic. Son of Baldwin is so astute in his statement. There are far too many parents who feel they’ve fallen short of what society expects from them, and have children in order to fulfill a dream or a hole in themselves. They heft unrealistic and unnecessary expectations upon their children from the moment they’re born, and are fearful of allowing their children to be their own people. So many children face resistance at home, and are kept from expressing themselves in a constructive manner.


//In a world of un-Christians who claim Christ, but act like Satan toward others; Ashies that turn Africa into a non-human, simplistic continent of half-life; pseudo-scientists who wouldn’t understand the nature of life if it knocked them upside the head; and overall cissexists, gender police, heterosexists, and queerantagonists who live to make queer people suffer, it takes an extraordinary amount of courage and love to support a queer child and, more than support them, CELEBRATE them.

But these fantastic parents of this child did just that.

It takes extraordinary courage to be black, live in America, and not give in to the pressure to eat your young.

I applaud these parents for what should be commonplace, but is rarer than it needs to be.

“Our son, Sir, is 5 yrs old. He has been particular about what he wears and how it fits since he was 2 and a half. He began to show interest in designing clothes and then asking us to show him how to sew at 4. He is now creating and sewing (by hand) his own creations. He always models his designs “so I know how they’ll look” he says. We may have the next iconic fashion designer of all times on our hands! Take a look!”

[Photo descriptions: A series of photos and a video depicting a child, Sir, wearing self-designed fashions that defy gender conformity (dresses, sashes, etc.). In the video, his mother cheers him on as he models his creations for her.]

(H/T Marlon Châteauneuf)//



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