On Ignoring Brutality for Your Own Comfort

Almost every single time I have attempted to start a conversation about the rampant inequality in any country, I am interrupted and asked why I must make everything about race. The people who ask me this are always white women, and they are always aghast by the horrendous instance, yet quickly seek to brush it off as a uncommon occurrence… Until I provide a list of twenty or thirty duplicate instances, at which point they shut the fuck up and go back to ignoring the world around them. It has become so commonplace that I often type out the conversation they inevitably stumble towards to head them off, before anyone arrives to divert the conversation from the extremely important topic of equality. Funnily enough, when said oblivious people are welcomed to talk about why they seem to live in a bubble and not know anything about anyone who isn’t white, the room gets very, very silent, very quickly. I can’t say I’m shocked, but it’s noteworthy all the same.


That said, I’d like to know when someone other than blacks and Latinos (who don’t display anti-black sentiments) will be disgusted by, and move to stop illegal roadside searches. Because it isn’t like these illegal stops are occurring any more often than they did in 1962 (in case anyone was under that erroneous impression). The stops happen just as often as they did sixty years ago, and the same exact things are happening to the black drivers today as it did in ‘Boyz in the Hood’ and ‘Crash’. You’re just hearing about it more often, because we’re recording it on our cell phones now. …Not that recording it, or using the cops’ recordings, is doing anything. The prosecution rate for cops is still disgustingly low. You’d think that having to sit and watch cops beating and raping a person would make them understand. Then again, it’s probably not the cops’ actions so much as the fact that the victim is still black. That usually means that the victim isn’t a victim – at least, that’s what science says (over your screams that you aren’t a racist, and your desperate rationalization that everyone is powerless against a group you both fear and worship because you’re a spineless piece of shit). Grand juries set against cops are never made up of people of color, nor are the majority of the jurors ever female. But I don’t think we’re supposed to talk about those pesky facts. The truth makes people uncomfortable, and everyone knows that you’d rather I’d be dead than you momentarily uncomfortable. I guess it’s a lot easier to just bemoan these actualities and mourn the continued assault on a huge sect of the community, while everyone else pretends that breastfeeding in public is the issue that’s deserving of a public outcry. I mean, we definitely couldn’t find the time to talk about how one of the cops who molested these innocent civilians in broad daylight, after an illegal traffic stop, was awarded by his city, and why Chris Medlin is allowed to teach others to get off on sexually assaulting black bodies.


expose rc


I honestly don’t know why I’m annoyed that people prove to be exactly as self-serving and useless as I say they are. We’ll just have to wait until some white kid is murdered by a cop, again, for white people to care. It worked, like we said it would, for Stop & Frisk, so… *sips lemon juice and bides time*




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